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Beautiful and chic. Awesome entertainment and atmosphere

Melie P. Avatar
Melie P.

amazing place.

Mina G. Avatar
Mina G.

5 star ratingAwsome environment Delicious food, great singers and worm people

I go to Aladdin almost 2 to 3 times a month and every time I leave happy,...
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safyi Avatar

5 star ratingBest Entertainment Place in NJ Went to Aladdin club-restaurant with a group of 26 friends last Friday. The place was packed. The Crowed were amazing. Great show, great band. The... read more

Kal N. Avatar
Kal N.


Shahe B. Avatar
Shahe B.

5 star ratingFood was delicious , service was great !!!  Decor is nice . Plenty of parking . Food very fresh . Best carouse salad I've ever had

Romi T. Avatar
Romi T.

Very good club one of the best

Jamal B. Avatar
Jamal B.

Amazing amazing one of a kind in Nj it’s new fresh and much needed wishing bob the best of luck ❤️

Mike A. Avatar
Mike A.

Very nice place; elegant. Servers are fabulous!!

George A. Avatar
George A.

Best argila!!! The Food is amazing! Such a great night dancing!

Jennifer P. Avatar
Jennifer P.

5 star ratingBest food and entertainment!! I was there for a friend's birthday and the food was AMAZING! The entertainment and show was so much fun. The staff there are extremely... read more

741nesmaa Avatar

5 star ratingThe best in the business is back, finally. Excellent food, same great service, and convenient location.

Maya C. Avatar
Maya C.

5 star ratingHad my graduation party here with about 120 people and had an excellent time. The owner was extremely accommodating of my needs in regards to... read more

Lawrence G. Avatar
Lawrence G.

The hottest Arabic Restaurant and night club. I had a great time and I had a lot of fun. Everything there is just amazing.

Sarah N. Avatar
Sarah N.

5 star ratingVery nice place great food

We have a lot fun over there and a very convenient location.

Hanan G. Avatar
Hanan G.
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