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5 star ratingNever had Lebanese food that tasted so much like home. I loved the music and the atmosphere. Highly recommend this place

Tiffany D. Avatar
Tiffany D.

Great experience

Good food great service

Owner very friendly and accomodating

Nino M. Avatar
Nino M.

Phenomenal Food and Wonderful experience

Peter H. Avatar
Peter H.

The hottest Arabic Restaurant and night club. I had a great time and I had a lot of fun. Everything there is just amazing.

Sarah N. Avatar
Sarah N.

Amazing amazing one of a kind in Nj it’s new fresh and much needed wishing bob the best of luck ❤️

Mike A. Avatar
Mike A.

We had a great time there. Dinner, drinks and hooka was really good

Mohamed S. Avatar
Mohamed S.

الشباب روحن حلوة وبشوشين الخدمة جيدة والأكل من مطبخ حلبي وميردلي والجو الغنائي طربي وراقي ومنوع ليالي كل الأذواق ، لهلا أتذكر عرس اخوي ١٩٩٦... read more

Elias K. Avatar
Elias K.

I love this place Club Aladdin nice and clean very delicious food, life music, beautiful dancers and the best hookah best service I really like... read more

Flower S. Avatar
Flower S.

5 star ratingBest food and entertainment!! I was there for a friend's birthday and the food was AMAZING! The entertainment and show was so much fun. The staff there are extremely... read more

Nesma A. Avatar
Nesma A.

Class class class that’s all I have to say

Jack N. Avatar
Jack N.

من الاااااااااااااخر❤️

Ahmad K. Avatar
Ahmad K.

I love club Aladdin been there so many times, love the food service and the entertainment , especially when tony Mercho sings there. I... read more

Samira T. Avatar
Samira T.

The foods was delicious and the styles wonderful.

Eiman E. Avatar
Eiman E.

5 star ratingThe combination of quality cuisine and top notch entertainment when offered Simultaneously is a tremendous challenge , this place lives up to the Challenge and... read more

Usama M. Avatar
Usama M.


Shahe B. Avatar
Shahe B.
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